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Photography featured in Fresh Style Magazine 2013 Holiday Issue

Last fall I had the opportunity to create photography for Fresh Style Magazine’s 2013 Holiday Issue. A relatively new publication, I had never heard of it until they contacted me to photograph for them. They sent me a couple of sample issues and I fell in love with this magazine! Its full of ideas for creative projects, home decorating, and crafting ideas and the visuals are really fun to look at.

This was one of the most interesting commercial photography assignments I have had in a long time. I traveled to Napoleon Ohio and met the stylist and her team in a huge an old barn. They had set up an  entire set on one side of the barn. There were so many little details and interesting  and creative uses of found objects I could have spent hours exploring the various”mini sets” within the larger set…. but my job was to photograph.

The barn was dark but fortunately it had 2 large sliding doors that we kept open to daylight. My assistant and I lit the entire set with monolights shot through 3 4×6 foot panels. The smaller sets were easier to shoot but there was so much to choose from it was a challenge to narrow down the possibilities. This was one of those projects that required skill in both editorial photography and still life photography. It was great fun and I would love to do more magazine photography given the chance. To purchase a copy of this issue click HERE for online copies or to subscribe to Fresh Style Magazine check out their website




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