Portrait Session with Kristi Hoffman

kristi-home-slide-082015I recently created some environmental portraits/business portraits for a client’s website and blog. Because she is such an  interesting person with such an important mission and I enjoyed meeting and photographing her so much I decided to blog about the session and her.

Her name is Kristi K. Hoffman and she is an award-winning T.V. host and producer, past PBS-TV media personality, and successful businesswoman. She is the CEO and Founder of Total Package Global, “a professional and personal development corporation that exists to assist people in reaching their business and life goals” with an emphasis on living a “fit, healthy, fun and centered” lifestyle. She has also developed Total Package Professionals for young professionals and seasoned executives, Total Package Chick  for career changers and has recently launched Total Package Girl for girls 8-18. “Through her presentations, blog, website, social media sites, smartphone app and volunteer responsibilities, Hoffman is committed to helping individuals develop confidence, a healthy body image, and positivity for life.”

Here are some of the portraits we created for Kristi’s website and blog. We spent time in her home and office with several clothing changes and were even able to included her new kitten! Kristi just published a book titled “Total Package Girl”. You can purchase a copy on her website. The link is included above.

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